Wednesday, 23 July 2008

While Kate Middleton waits, she grates

Wastey Katie?

Yet another journalist, yet another newspaper. This time the negative Kateness was surprisingly in the usually Kate-friendly Daily Telegraph. The Telegraph's Liz Hunt didn't seem impressed by Kate Middleton's appearance at a wedding this past weekend. In fact, Ms Hunt wasn't impressed with Kate at all!

Hunt starts off: 'She’s available for weddings, parties, and no doubt barmitzvahs, too, with ceremonial occasions a speciality. And there’ll always be a smile on her face, and a flirty but restrained new outfit to delight the paparazzi.'

Clearly not fussed by Middleton, Hunt explains her feelings: 'Once, I had sympathy for the young woman dubbed Waity Katie, who seems to do nothing very much as a Royal Fiancée-in-Waiting except turn up to events while her prince fights pirates in the Caribbean with the Royal Navy.'

Like most people watching the goings on between Wills and his eternally ONFF girlfriend, Ms Hunt read yesterday's Evening Standard/This Is London article with Jigsaw co-owner, Belle Robinson. Hunt raised the old issue of Kate doing nothing but wait: 'She’s bright, with a good degree from a good university, surely she must be aching to put it to use? But I’m no longer so understanding of Kate after Belle Robinson, one of the founders of the high street store Jigsaw where she was employed (briefly), revealed why she’d created a part-time job for her.'

Echoing the sentiments of a growing number of people, Ms Hunt explains why it is that Kate is wasting her life away: 'This is the one time in her life that Kate Middleton can dictate what she does; it’s her one opportunity to make her mark in her own right and experience something of real life. She certainly won’t be able to once she’s legged it up the aisle of St Paul’s on William’s arm. Yes, media intrusion is a problem, but deals have been done before between the Palace and the press. Even Diana, with few qualifications bar a school certificate for Best Kept Hamster, managed a job of sorts in a kindergarten.'

Perhaps the most cutting (for Middleton) yet honest (for the rest of us) remark was Hunt's final comment: 'What a Wastey Katie.' Indeed!

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