Sunday, 20 July 2008

Camilla told to halt spending

The Duchess of Cornwall has been told to reduce her wasteful ways. According to the Daily Express Weekend's Adam Helliker, the Duchess of Cornwall has been ordered to cancel her annual luxury cruise with female friends in favour of a more austere existance. Mr Helliker writes: 'The Duchess has bowed to pressure from aides at Clarence House that any photos of her on a jolly would be “unhelpful to the ongoing cause of promoting our image”. Those aides are particularly sensitive about unnecessary travel just when Prince Charles’s accounts have stated that he has reduced his carbon footprint by 18 per cent. The same report also revealed that Camilla undertook fewer engagements last year than before.'

After recycling her birthday suit (now there's a mental image you didn't need) from last year, it seems HRH Camilla is trying her hardest to cut back whereever she can. But is this a genuine move on her part to save royal finances in a show of sympathy for the plight of those who are suffering due to the credit crunch? A "royal source" tells the Express: “Camilla has been told that she has to be aware of the national mood at a time when the whole country is tightening its belt. It’s annoying for her because she particularly enjoys these breaks with her friends, not least because she has zero responsibilities to anyone while she’s on board, but she’s been convinced that her husband’s advisers know best.”

It seems that apart from the fact she can't go on holiday, the one thing that is bugging Camilla more is that she must instead spend time with her loving husband. The Express reports: 'This ban on Camilla is likely to be even more irritating for her because it effectively ties her to spending more time with Charles at a time when she is said to find it particularly difficult dealing with his “grumpy and irritable” temperament.'

Is this yet another example of a onff royal relationship?

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