Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Chelsy Davy pictured clowning around

The Daily Mail has published a series of photographs showing Chelsy Davy messing around with a group of friends. The innocuous pictues show an apparently tipsy Chelsy at the races with her Durban friends. Chelsy is seen being carried on the shoulders of a male friend, sitting between 2 males friends (who one Royal Truth source claims are in fact gay - would there be anything untoward in that case Daily Mail?), in another she's sitting in a tree whilst wearing a dress and in yet another she appears to be about to kiss her friend Kirsten Rogers on the cheek. The Dail Mail however, depicts Chelsy's actions as less than princess-like.

Whilst chosing to continue publishing their usual sycophantic drivel about the increasingly unpopular Kate Middleton, ignoring copious photographs of her in equally unflattering poses, The Daily Mail seems to have it in for Chelsy. The article, written by a Mr Neil Sears slays Davy in the usual fashion we've all come to expect from the tabloid: "To her adoring Daddy, she is undoubtedly a real princess. But one wonders whether the Royal Family will feel the same when they see these pictures of Chelsy Davy."

"After a day out at the races at the weekend, she was clearly in high spirits as she made her way home – and seemingly completely unconcerned about the impression she might be creating. At one stage she was carried on the shoulders of a male friend, her short skirt over his head. Then she giggled on the grass with another two young men before pretending to kiss her best girl friend, Kirsten Rogers."

Predictably, the Daily Mail attempts to write Kate Middleton into the story: "The cigarette hanging from her lips is hardly a regal look. And the boisterous company she was keeping doesn’t quite fit with advice, supposedly from Prince William’s patient girlfriend Kate Middleton, that a girl hoping to snap up a prince should try to keep a low profile. "

Thankfully it seems the ever studious Chelsy is ignoring any supposed advice given to her from the eternally idle Kate. But perhaps it's the Daily Mail who should be given some friendly advice?

It seems that after stories surfaced around the internet forums alleging that the pictures may have been plundered from Davy's friends private Facebook accounts, the newspaper appears to have withdrawn the article from it's website.

Personally I'm still waiting for the Daily Mail to publish pictures of Kate Middleton in a less than princess-like pose, sitting on the floor of a friends party in her (black) underwear. Oh what would Her Majesty think of that? I won't be holding my breathe for that Daily Mail article.

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