Sunday, 13 July 2008

Kate Middleton & Chelsy Davy deemed 'not so pretty'

Well regarded French photographer Michel Comte has been howled down by the British media for daring to state that Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy are "not so pretty".

According to The Telegraph, Comte said: “William and Harry — they are good in their own skin, don’t you think? The girlfriends are not so pretty.”

The Telegraph's Mandrake (aka Tim Walker) sniffed at the apparent slight to his favourite future princesses and referred to Comte’s nude portrait of Carla Bruni taken in 1993: "At least our future Queen can keep her clothes on."

Seeing as how Kate Middleton has been pictured semi-naked modelling underwear at St Andrew's and also at a party in Scotland early in 2007 (see previous stories regarding Kate Middleton), Mr Mandrake/Walker must have been referring to Chelsy Davy. Those at the Royal Truth would like to point out to Mr Walker that Chelsy will not be Queen unless something untoward occurs to Prince William.

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