Friday, 16 May 2008

Royal wedding: Kate's going, Wills isn't!

It seems that Wills and Kate are not holidaying as rumours would have us believe. It's been widely reported that Prince William has flown to Kenya to attend the wedding of his former flame, Jecca Craig's brother, Batian Craig. Jecca Craig has always been heralded as William's first love, having been his guest of honour at his 21st birthday party many moons ago. The pair were said to be so in love that they had a mock engagement. To say that both William and Jecca have history is an understatement.

The press are also reporting that Kate Middleton will attend Peter Phillips' wedding to Autumn Kelly by herself, acting as a quasi stand in for William. This goes against current royal protocols and can't really be considered as fact. If Kate goes it will be a simple case of her being invited and accepting. She will not have any official or unofficial role to play and will not be seated near to the royal family. Her appearence however, could prompt more specuation of an engagement between Wills and Kate. But because of William's absence perhaps more questions about the strength of their relationship will be asked.

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