Monday, 26 May 2008

Kate Middleton speaks to the press..again!

Often lauded for her discreet nature, Kate Middleton has once again been caught out talking to the press. For the second time in a year the Daily Mail's Rebecca English has managed to wrangle a direct quote from the Princess in Waiting. Having obviously called the royal girlfriend whilst she holidays in Mustique, the Daily Mail reporter (or one of her underlings) quizzed Kate about whether she was having a good time. The Daily Mail said: 'Yesterday, asked on the phone if they were having a fun time, Miss Middleton replied "Yes" but she would not comment on the engagement rumours. She said: "I'm terribly sorry but I will not talk about that. I am truly sorry but please excuse me."'

Ok, it's not earth shattering stuff but it does disprove the theories that Kate refuses to talk to the press or keeps her composure by not responding to media reports. In 2007 before her split with Prince William, Kate was asked by the Daily Mail's Rebecca English to respond to the flurry of revelations regarding William's flirtations with other women. Kate responded with a terse "It means nothing," before telling Ms English that women will always throw themselves at William. This is not the first time a reporter has revealed they've got a direct line to Kate Middleton. The Express's Camilla Tominey also revealed how she called Kate. This begs the question. How do the loathed likes of the press get Middleton's phone number and why do they feel as though they're close enough to directly quote her, especially given the fact Kate is on holiday in another country?

This closely resembles the media relationship that another past royal girlfriend had with the press many moons ago.

Camilla Parker Bowles had a working relationship with The Sun's Stuart Higgins over a ten year period. Of course many speculated on where Mr Higgins was getting his very accurate accounts of the failing Wales marriage. Most considered the fact it was coming from a member within the Prince of Wales' circle and many were completely correct. But all accusations were met with denials both from the Prince of Wales's set and from Mr Higgins himself. It wasn't until years later that the former Sun reporter revealed the extent of his relationship with Camilla. At least once a week Camilla would give Stuart Higgins details of the goings on within Charles and Diana's marriage.

Respected royal author Sarah Bradford wrote about the Higgins/Camilla relationship: 'For years Camilla had secret --off-the-record telephone conversations with the editor of the Sun newspaper, Stuart Higgins - a curious relationship which illustrated the web of understanding and complicity in the circle around Charles. 'I didn't sense that she and the Prince were out of touch,' Higgins recalled. ' I talked to her once a week about Diana and Charles. She guided me on things that were not true or things that were off the beam.' He would run stories past her as a check and he could hear her, hand half- cupped over the receiver, repeating them to her husband. ' Guess what they're saying about us now, Andrew,' she would call out, and even the tabloid editor was astonished by their openness about her affair with Charles.'

Perhaps the idea of Kate Middleton also having rich working relationships with various tabloid journalists isn't that far fetched after all? Perhaps it's a case of history repeating itself and Prince William should be wary.

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