Thursday, 1 May 2008

Dead trooper's friend appalled at "Prince William" PR stunt

An alleged friend of dead British soldier Trooper Robert Pearson, has voiced concern over the media circus surrounding Prince William's involvement in the repatriation of her friends body.

Commenting on The Sun newspaper's reader submission page, Clairey212 speaks passionately about the soldier she calls "Rob". Clairey said: "Trooper Pearson was one of my close friends so it's even more upsetting to think that Prince William is using his death as an excuse to gain more publicity."

Not totally blaming Prince William for this latest RAF public relations blunder, Clairey focuses most on the role of the media saying: "Rob's death should be in the papers, not because of Prince William flying home with his body, but because Rob is a brave solider who gave his life in a war that seems to be doing more harm than good. How many more soliders have to be killed before the government realise that it is a waste of time and lives."

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