Sunday, 25 May 2008

Catherine Middleton: Don't call me Kate

Dubbed by Prince William's friends as the "Duchess of Bucklebury", Kate Middleton seems to be preparing for her chosen role as the future Queen a little prematurely. The royal girlfriend has reportedly asked friends and aquaintences to stop calling her Kate and instead use her birth name of Catherine. One "friend" told Adam Helliker from the Sunday Express: “Everyone knows it’s about to happen with Kate and William but we were a little surprised about the request to call her Catherine. There’s a distinct feeling that she has started to become very aware of her position.”

On what can only be called as a divergence of topic, Adam Helliker then delves into the less than Princess realities of Kate's lack of direction by saying: 'Her identity crisis over her nomenclature may be linked to the fact that since graduating with a degree in history of art two years ago Kate seems in no hurry to find a full-time job, although recently she has been helping out with her parents’ party accessories firm. There has long been a feeling among some of William’s friends, and his father’s courtiers, that Kate is biding her time and has been reticent to become involved in a career, despite flirting with the idea of studying photography and launching her own fashion business. At least she can always find time for a drink. ' Mr Helliker then quotes a "chum" (assumingly of Kate's): “Kate has incredible party stamina, which is a pretty useful asset when hanging out with William and his lot. She can sink pints of lager with the boys, down cocktails with the girls and still manage to look as fresh as a daisy.” “but these days people – even the Royal Family – seem less concerned about what they call themselves.”

Meanwhile, The Telegraph continue with their sycophantic applause of everything-Kate with an article that speaks glowingly about how well Kate has handled all the dramas associated with the life of a royal girlfriend. From excusing her lack of work as being too difficult on any company who would employ her to accusing Wills of being a cad if he ever dared to dump poor Kate again, The Telegraph showed why the pro-Kate lobby group prefer to have them high on their speed dial list. The only interesting thing written in the otherwise less than objective article was this honest appraisal of Miss Middleton: "Of the many people I spoke to about Kate only one - a female contemporary - was critical, saying that she found Prince William's girlfriend 'dull' and suspected she was on 'a mission' to be future queen. 'At school, Catherine was really jolly hockey sticks, fun and jump in the dirt - a great girl,' she said. 'Now she seems much more concerned about her image - who she is with, who she is talking to and the like. That's what I have found a bit off.'"

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