Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Are the media boring of Waity-Katie Middleton?

Not surprising most, the UK media are beginning to question what it is that Kate Middleton does with herself. Just this week alone, journalists from Britain's major dailys have dared post rather inocuous yet negative blurbs about Kate Middleton. Richard Kay from the Daily Mail wrote: 'Kate Middleton is a remarkably durable presence in the life of Prince William. But while the couple give every appearance of being happy enough, they lack the passion of Prince Harry's relationship with Chelsy Davy. What surprises courtiers is that unlike Chelsy, who has made a life for herself without her royal beau by studying at Leeds University, Kate remains content to do next to nothing — except for being "on station" with William.'

Not only that, Kay's quote alleges that not many royal courtiers are that enamoured with Miss Middleton. He quotes an unnamed source as saying: "She has no job, does no work and takes endless holidays," says one figure. "No wonder they call her 'Waity Katie'."

Melanie Phillips (also from the Daily Mail) spoke briefly about Kate Middleton with regards to unladylike, yobbish behaviour of British women in general. She said: 'Even the likely future wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, appears to spend half her life downing "Crack Daddy" vodka and champagne cocktails at Boujis nightclub.'

Amanda Platell from the Daily Mail also refers negatively to both William and Kate when talking about their absence from Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly's wedding, saying: 'Prince William is unable to attend. And where will he be? Taking part in some vital training exercise? Supporting a charity? No. He’ll be on holiday with his girlfriend Kate Middleton — again. I suppose we should be grateful he’s not flying there in a Chinook.'

One Sunday Express wag wrote about William's seemingly disinterest in all things Kate Middleton, saying: 'His relations with on- off girlfriend Kate Middleton appear to have a rather cold and controlling air. She is certainly conveniently absent whenever he wants to go out on the lash with his mates. What would Diana, who lived for love and romance, have made of all this? Who knows? But Charles, with his infamous “whatever love is” comment, will surely understand.'

Finally, kudos must go to Eva Wiseman from The Observer with her witty description which tongue-in-cheek depicts Kate Middleton's life as a Royal Girlfriend: 'Not only must you be enormously photogenic, with the swingy hair, the triumphant complexion and the shiny legs, you must be able to sustain this West End glamour in all weathers. And tartan. You'll have a degree, but few plans to use it, and two parents, at least one of whom will stay up late noting conversational news events and minimising your pores. You'll secrete your online identity behind a duvet of aliases, and use your time to walk, modestly, in charity fashion shows. You'll support your suffering, crowned partner through potential acts of treason and drunkery, providing a soft tanned shoulder to block cameras when he's in a state of cocktail bother.'

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