Sunday, 11 May 2008

Chelsy being rebranded?

The Mail on Sunday's Katie Nicholl has done it again and written a long winded article about Chelsy Davy getting valuable "princess" advice from Kate Middleton. In the article, Nichols wrongly describes Kate and Prince William's relationship as being 7 years long, Chelsy shopping at Kate's favourite shops, dumping friends who don't fit into the royal circles and how close the royal girlfriends have become. Without actually showing any proof to the claims, it seems the Mail on Sunday has managed to once again, write a story about Chelsy, but turned it into a Kate fest.

One source told the newspaper: "She is big friends with Kate and has been for a while now. She is trying to make a new life in Britain and many of her new friends are in posh Royal circles and not the normal people Chelsy would have ever been friends with before. I really hate to say it but I think being in the UK may have gone to her head a little bit. That's what a lot of her friends are saying. One of her best friends from South Africa moved to London at the end of January and has been trying to see her. But Chelsy made no effort, and couldn't be bothered."

The only thing written could be remotely true was this quote from a royal source: "We all find Kate rather glacial. But Chelsy has a ready smile for everyone. She's very well liked by all the staff at Clarence House and seems hugely at ease with everyone, including Charles and William."

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