Monday, 12 May 2008

Princes Charles & Harry take part in Cavalry Memorial Parade

Princes Charles & Harry joined hundreds of other present and past servicemen in the annual Cavalry Memorial Parade in Hyde Park on Sunday. Wearing smart looking suits and bowler hats, both Princes epitomised the tradition of "proper order of dress" always observed each year at the march.

Ex-Blues and Royals serviceman, Fred Collingwood spoke warmly of Prince Harry to The Daily Mail: "The nice thing about the man is that there's nothing pretentious about him, he's a soldier, he never shies away from a member of his regiment."

Heads are still being scratched over the Prince of Wales's chestful of medals, their meaning and how he managed to march at the front of the congregation. Questions were also being asked regarding Prince William's whereabouts on such an important regimental day.

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