Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mustique for Prince William & Kate Middleton?

There are rumours today that Prince William is ditching the FA Cup final and his cousin, Peter Phillips wedding in favour of taking another holiday with Kate Middleton. The Prince has infuriated FA bosses by announcing he will not be at Wembley on May 17, instead taking the always vacation ready Kate away somewhere exotic.

Disappointed FA bosses are upset that Prince William, patron of the FA, has chosen to not attend the biggest event in the Football Association year. One FA boss fumed: “The cup final is the most important date in the English football calendar. The president of the FA should at least turn up for it. You can’t just put yourself on the team sheet when you feel like it.”

Meanwhile the expected destination for Prince William and Kate Middleton is the island of Mustique where they lasted visited two years ago. It was at this time that Kate reportedly told her sister Pippa that she was convinced that William was set to propose. He didn't.

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