Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Can we get a refund on Kate Middleton?

She came to us with such promise and yet has revealed herself to be an idle rich young woman. She shops, holidays and looks nice and that's about it, biding her time until she gets that, as yet elusive, royal proposal. In 2004 Kate Middleton was heralded as a breath of fresh air, a commoner whose down to earth nature would help the Royal Family become more like it’s subjects. Looking back now how could we have been so wrong?

Vanessa Feltz from The Daily Express has echoed the sentiments of growing number of royal supporters with her article on the 'Princess in Waiting'. Ms Feltz questions why Kate would care about being called Catherine and reflects on what that says about Middleton as a person. Feltz writes: ‘What does it say about this young woman that she countenances no nicknames, no affectionate diminutives, from those she knows and loves?’

Vanessa Feltz then discusses how Princess Diana coped with being called Lady Di (a name she didn’t like): ‘Nicknames - as long as they're not offensive - are a supreme compliment. The Princess of Wales, known to her family as Diana, revelled in her inaccurate tabloid title Lady Di. When foreign children mispronounced it Lady Dee, she simply gave them an extra cuddle and giggled. Meanwhile her then sister-in-law Sarah took the nickname Fergie squarely on the chin. The Duchess of York may be many things but precious has never been one of them.’

Rightly, Ms Feltz points out that not everyone is as enamoured with Prince William’s girlfriend as the British media seems to be. She writes: ‘As she lingers in the wings, poised to play the role of her life, I can't help wondering if the loyal subjects of her boyfriend's granny have truly taken to her.Of course, she cannot be said to have put a dainty, Prada-shod foot wrong. There was that blip when she appeared to bore William so silly he had to cut her loose and make a bolt for freedom. There have been a few carefully orchestrated shots of La Middleton falling daintily out of nightclubs without her handsome Prince. It didn't take Freud to work out her signals: "Look at me. I am fun and frolicsome, with or without a prince."There has been the fact that she doesn't actually do anything. She jettisoned her pretend "job" at Jigsaw and didn't exactly rush to busy herself at anything else productive.’

Again echoing the thoughts and discussions of the growing throng of royal fans, The Daily Express colmunist then delves into the murky topic of just how calculating Kate seems to be. Like most people who initially saw Kate Middleton with an eye to a promising future for the British Royal Family, it seems Ms Feltz’s opinion of Kate has taken a nose dive in the subsequent years. Feltz writes: ‘Catherine Middleton has done all a girl could to earn her colours as a House of Windsor princess. So why hasn't the British public embraced her? Why don't we unabashedly adore her as we did Diana?Could it be because there is something distinctly chilly about Miss M? There's a steely-eyed professionalism, a "don't dent the image, mustn't muck up this mega opportunity" edge to this 26-year-old girl which is, frankly, a little off-putting.We can't dislike Catherine. She hasn't given us cause. Yet we can't warm to her because we sense something just a tad cool, even cold and possibly calculating about an individual who plays her deck of cards with such consummate skill.’

Perhaps we all were wrong to think that Prince William would find someone that we could respect and call our own? In the same way you'd be asking for your money back if you toddled into Jigsaw and bought a dress that disappointingly shrunk when washed, Kate Middleton hasn't turned out to be the breath of fresh air the press billed her to be 4 years ago. I think we all deserve our money back don't you?

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