Thursday, 1 May 2008

Prince William to spend time at sea on "active service"?

There are reports today that Prince William's stint in the British Navy is to be significantly halved from 4 months to just 2. Many reading the Editors note given on the Prince of Wales website could have been forgiven for thinking it was a typo but perhaps after the week Wills has had public relations wise, it's probably best that he spends the least amount of time in the military as possible.

Although this news may disappoint some, there are reports that Prince William will indeed see more action than his 3 hours at an Afghani airbase. The Evening Standard reports: "The Standard understands the MoD has drawn up provisional operational plans for his service aboard a destroyer for a month at the end of the year. The details are being kept secret for security reasons". A senior source told the newspaper: “He is expected to serve in an active zone. It could mean deployment in the Arabian Gulf or off Somalia.”

Whilst the idea of their future King being in harms way is worrying for some, Prince William is keen to serve in a more active capacity. The Evening Standard reports: "In June William will begin an attachment with the Royal Navy and has told Ministry of Defence chiefs he wants to serve in troublespots."

The real question is: Can Prince William serve in an active zone with only 2 months training and how many sailing "jollies" will he take during that time?

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