Sunday, 25 May 2008

Could Prince William be on his bike in Africa?

Prince William reportedly missed his cousins wedding to attend the wedding of Batian Craig, ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig's brother. Now royal fans are speculating that Prince William could possibly have joined a group of charity bike riders on a trip from Southern Africa to Kenya. Althought the accepted UK press story is that Prince William is currently on holiday with Kate Middleton in Mustique, this latest line of thinking is very interesting indeed.

As Royal Patron of the Tusk Trust and Centrepoint, Prince William gave his blessing to the "Cycle of Life" riders who will travel over 5000 kilometres to raise funds and awareness for conservation projects such as the ones being run on Lewa Downs (the Craigs estate in Kenya). The expedition is hoping to raise at least £500,000 to be distributed by the Tusk Trust to African communities to help fight poverty and to aide in conservation efforts. If William is on his bike let's hope he's wearing his helmet.

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