Monday, 29 September 2008

Prince Charles' 60th Birthdaysssssssss

Charles' 2 great loves: Camilla and Michael Fawcett.

Unless you're that crazy Cat Lady from New York, you only ever celebrate each birthday once. But that sort of logic seems to have been lost on those organising the 60th birthday celebrations for Prince Charles.

Both Camilla and and the eternally present, Michael Fawcett are said to be busy preparing parties for Charles' special day. The first is a state banquet type affair at Buckingham Palace for over 170 invited guests from the Prime Minister to the Queen. This bash is being organised by the Fence Fawcett, reknown for his extravagant do's. The second party will be held at Highgrove by Camilla, this time approximately 75 guests will attend, including Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy (still unconfirmed).

The dual celebrations have been slammed from all quarters for being indulgent, overtly extravagant and very unnecessary during the current financial crisis sweeping the UK.

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