Friday, 26 September 2008

Is Kate Middleton cashing in?

Kate is now appearing online!

All pictures courtesy of Party Pieces

Kate Middleton is reportedly working for her parents at their Party Pieces business and it seems that now, after much criticism and disbelief among the growing throng of skeptics, it looks as though the Middleton's have thrown off the gloves and come out swinging in defence of Kate. Not only have they suddenly become avid supporters of a children's charity, Starlight, it appears as though they're on PR overdrive in effort to sell their products as well.

Harry is warm and cuddly!

Now for the first time ever, Kate has appeared on the Party Pieces website along side her mother and another woman called Vicky promoting the "Cherrypicked" collection. This collection is an assortment of gifts and novelty items for children. From the outlook of a dewy, soft lens it seems that Kate is now being used to promote the various Party Pieces products. Interestingly, some of the children's products she's now keenly promoting, bear some pretty famous names.

James appears dressed this time.

Included in Party Pieces collection are various personalised gifts one can purchase for those littlies special to us, individualised with their names. From a Pirate Clock, blanket and a washbag, you too could be kitted out with some pretty naff and useless things.

Kate could use this whenever Wills calls her for a night of passion.

What is more interesting than Kate's face now being put with overpriced products is the names being used on them. There's a blanket emblazoned with the name Harry, a washbag called Kate and teddy bear called James, but the most interesting seems to be the personalised clock. The forementioned Pirate Clock is adorned with the name William. Could this be sending Wills a message that time (and perhaps Kate) waits for no one? Times ticking William.

Tick tock.....

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