Friday, 26 September 2008

Kate Middleton makes an arse of herself

Is that Kate with her lady lumps?
Picture courtesy of The Sun

After her fantastic venture into (what was supposed to be) 80's Rollerdisco, Kate has become somewhat of a joke for the UK's media. One such laughfest was ITV's Celebrity Juice, a show that pokes a bit of fun at the celebrity's currently in the news.

For the show's frontman, Leigh Francis and his alter ego Keith Lemon, Kate was a too good an opportunity to miss. In the show Keith dressed up as Kate at the rollerdisco, green halter top and yellow pants and all. The shows aim is for a panel of guests to work out who it is Keith is depicting. No one had any trouble guessing it was S-Katie Waity.

Click here to see the video and read more.

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