Thursday, 25 September 2008

When is a Eugenie not a Eugenie? When she's a Beatrice of course!

Princess Beatrice!
Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail.

It's not earth shattering news but it seems Princess Eugenie is a tad delicate when mistaken for older sister Princess Beatrice.

According to our favourite British tabloid, The Daily Star, Eugenie was aghast when someone called her Beatrice. The Daily Star said: "The younger princess, 18, right, was chuffed when a handsome man said she was Fergie and Andrew’s favourite daughter, but mistakenly called her Beatrice, 20, left, who was also in the club. Oops. "

One would wonder what is so bad about being called (by mistake) Beatrice. You can understand Beatrice's... oops ..sorry, Eugenie's loathing had she been called Camilla!

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