Sunday, 28 September 2008

Kate Middleton dumps Issa for a new police protection officer

Was Kate wearing her new guard?

Yes that is correct. Kate Middleton will no longer being getting freebies from Issa because she's currently "trying out" police protection officers to see if they fit. Well that's according to the fast becoming bizarre Mandrake column in The Sunday Telegraph.

Telling us that after the hectic scenes last year where Kate had a crowd of paparazzi camped outside her luxury pad in Chelsea and various legal complaints regarding the media, that NOW..yes..NOW William is forking out the money to pay for a guard for Kate.

Call us cynical but really, how can anyone seriously believe that a man who can't/won't pay for his own luxury holidays is finally stumping up the cash for his onff media loving girlfriend to be guarded? Hmm...interesting.

It's interesting due to the fact that Britain is currently in severe economic meltdown and the ordinary folk (who by the way pay for Wills, Charles and Co) are finding times tough. It's interesting due to the fact that Kate Middleton's daddy, Michael, is according to reports, a multimillionaire. It's interesting due to the fact that Kate hasn't been harassed by the paparazzi or press of late. Perhaps if we join the dots on that little nugget we might find that Michael Middleton, being a rich dude who (we assume) loves his daughter and is relatively buffered by his millions from the current cash crisis sweeping the world, could afford to pay for private guards. But that wouldn't make a good story now would it?

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