Sunday, 28 September 2008

No more warzones for Prince Harry

Harry is now a war-free zone.

As sad as it is for him, Prince Harry has to now come to terms with no longer being deployed overseas to warzones.

According to The People, the MoD has officially made a decision not to send Harry to Afghanistan in the future, citing the danger to other soldiers as the main reason why. The ban only extends to both Iraq and Afghanistan, with Harry able to serve in other places so long as the danger to his fellow soldiers doesn't exist.

A source told The People: "Harry is absolutely desperate to get back to Afghanistan because he is a soldier through and through and he believes there is a vital job to do there. But he is being let down gently because the riskswould be even greater this time. Everybody in his family and his regiment believe he has thoroughly proved himself in every conceivable way as a soldier and he has every reason to be proud. Harry does not see things that way and thinks if he misses out on the most dangerous missions he will be seen as a lightweight soldier."

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