Sunday, 28 September 2008

"Charity" a quick fix for that dastardly PR problem for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton: Always making the Mail On Sunday pages.

The British Royal Family could sometimes be called the monarchial real life version of 80's soap Dynasty and with Kate Middleton around to be the drama's leading lady, big hair and even bigger ego's are not that far away.

Kate Middleton has managed to once again get her name into the media, after her mother Carole announced via their company's website, that Kate was the saviour of all child kind. Ok, we may be taking liberties a bit but according to Carole Middleton, Kate has been "working" hard and organising a link between "charity" and Party Pieces.

As you would expect from a woman who seems desperate for the nagging headlines currently dogging her daughter to go away, Carole boasted online about Kate's involvement in family business and subsequent link to the charity, Starlight. Carole said: "Party Pieces launched First Birthdays at the beginning of the year with Kate managing the project and producing this year’s catalogues and website. We are now very excited to launch our brand new Cherrypicked Collection which has been managed by Vicky our Senior Buyer. She has selected more than 400 wonderful products and developed a new catalogue and a website with Kate. Kate has been the inspiration behind our involvement with Starlight Children’s Foundation, a UK charity that helps brighten the lives of seriously and terminally ill children by granting their wishes and providing hospital entertainment. " Ok..we get it. It was all Kate's doing and she's "working" really hard! Wow, talk about a mother on a mission.

Given that poor old Vicky is the senior buyer and the brains behind the idea (according to Ma Midds) it's strange then that Carole would only focus on Kate's involvement. After the constant crisitism Kate's received these past few weeks it's no wonder that Carole seems to be on the attack. You could be forgiven after reading her blurb for thinking that the old saying "thou dost protest too much" may apply in this situation.

The Starlight connection seems to have come along at a very opportune time for Kate. Nathan Kay from the Mail On Sunday wasn't as positive about it though, saying: "Kate will be hoping the project will help shed her hated image as ‘Waity Katie’, drifting through life until she can marry into the Royal Family." Harsh but very true.

Meanwhile, a source told Mr Kay: ‘When Kate was on the receiving end of a media backlash for her apparent lack of interest in finding a job, she thought it would be a great idea to spend her time working for her parents’ company. Setting up links to the charity should help turn around her work-shy image.’ So its the charity that is helping Kate more so than Kate helping the charity?

Just as Kate was trying desperately to claw back some good publicity, the daggers are out amongst her former friends from St Andy's. According to Nathan Kay, Kate has snubbed them. He writes: "Jules Knight, who studied art history alongside Kate at St Andrews University and lived next door to Prince William, claims several people are 'upset' the 26-year-old appears to have 'made a conscious decision' not to stay in touch. "

Jules told Mr Kay: 'I said, "Listen Kate, everyone just wants you to be happy, and wants the best for you, but it's a shame you haven't been in touch. She said, "Oh I know, I've been really bad, I should really contact them but it's been really difficult because I've been so busy." I said, "These are people who care about you a lot and I think they are a little bit hurt that you haven't been in touch. We care about you and hope you're OK." She asked me to send my love to people but I don't think she has been in touch yet. There was a very tight group of friends at St Andrews and now they are in London and they don't really have any contact with Kate, some girls in particular. It's not like they want to be friends with Kate because of her position, the fact that she's going out with Prince William. I don't want this to sound like sour grapes.'

Looks like Kate has a long way to go before gaining back some of the good sentiment from friends and royal fans alike she's lost since leaving uni.

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