Saturday, 27 September 2008

"Spitta" Middleton feels Amy Winehouse's wrath

Amy & Pippa: Besties 4 Eva!

Pictures courtesy of The Daily Mail.

She may be famous just for being the sister of the girlfriend of the future King, but it's opening many doors socially for Pippa Middleton. That said, not everyone is as enamoured as the press seems to be with the girl who looks as though she's overdosed on a bottle of tanning solution.

Attending a charity event for the Prince's Trust called the End of Summer Ball in London’s Berkeley Square, Pippa and a host of B-grade celebs and society types were supposed to be entertained by the eternally newsworthy Amy Winehouse. Amy, it seems, was backstage in a total drug/alcohol meltdown but it was once she was busy mingling with the elite that things turned sour for Pippa.

The Daily Star reported: "The singer was involved in a bizarre fracas with Prince William’s girlfriend’s younger sister Pippa, 24, at a society ball." An onlooker told the newspaper: “The fight with Pippa was terrible. Amy tried to brush it off as a joke and said she had just choked and spat out a canape at Pippa by mistake, but it didn’t ring true.” After spitting at her, Amy then reportedly told Pippa: “Don’t get the old dear [The Queen] to chop me head off.”

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