Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Women prefer James Bond to Prince William

According to a poll Prince William was voted the 4th top celebrity male women thought about whilst exercising. The poll was conducted by the Cancer Research UK's Race For Life 2008 series and asked which famous men women used as inspiration when working out. To most people's surprise ageing James Bond actor, Sean Connery topped the poll followed by David Beckham and celebrity chef Gordon "insert swear word" Ramsay. Natasha Woodford, head of the Cancer Research UK's Race for Life said: "It was surprising to find that Sean Connery beat David Beckham, who regularly tops the poll of the world's best looking men. But whether it is a famous heartthrob or a family member, it's always a good incentive to have someone waiting for you at the finish line, and we're sure there will be lots of people supporting our Race for Life participants at the events this year."

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