Friday, 27 June 2008

Kate Middleton's surprise attendance at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday concert

For royal watchers who were expecting the presence of Prince William or Prince Harry at the concert to celebrate the 90th birthday of former South African leader Nelson Mandela, it was a let down to say the least when Prince William's on off girlfriend Kate Middleton attended in the place of any representative for the British royal family. The event was a celebration of Nelson Mandela, arguably one of the most inspirational human beings alive today, who was imprisoned for 27 years and led the struggle against aparthaid. Proceeds from the concert went to the 46664 charity, named after Nelson Mandela's old prison number.

Kate 26, was photographed sitting with a VIP tag around her kneck and chatting to Virgin media magnate Richard Branson's daughter Holly. Throughout the concert Kate was seen smiling and looking directly at the photographers she has repeatedly in the past complained of intruding on her privacy.

Kate's attendance at the concert for Nelson Mandela, marks a second solo visit to a high profile event in the place of Prince William who is on a two month training course with the Royal Navy. Last month she also was a guest at the wedding of William's cousin Peter Phillips on her own.

However, many royal observers have been wondering why Kate Middleton, a self proclaimed "private individual" has agreed so willingly to attend these events, in the place of no public engagement to Prince William, it seems Kate does not know her place.

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