Sunday, 1 June 2008

Kate Middleton shows off her photography skills on family website

Kate Middleton was said to be learning photography. Considering the quality of photographs reportedly taken by her which are on public display on the Middleton family's 'Party Pieces' website, Kate could probably do with some more tuition.

The Mail On Sunday has revealed that Kate has spent the past few months working for Party Pieces, photographing new stock for it's website. It's a far cry from the abstract art she was said to be interested in producing. A quick look at the website reveals nothing more than some homely shots of young children, cakes and funnily enough, Carole Middleton.

A source told the Mail On Sunday: "It’s not what you would call a nine-to-five job. It’s an easy number for Kate and basically something to fill her days while she waits for William. Over the past few months, she has been at home with her family shooting pictures for the Party Pieces website. She has been joking that her days have been filled taking snaps of cupcakes and it’s all a bit surreal. She loves taking pictures, but when she said she wanted a career photographing unusual subjects, we didn’t expect it would mean pictures of toys."

Not known for her love of employment, Kate was purported to have only turned up at Jigsaw for 11 days out of a month and also indulged in up to 21 holidays/long weekends in just 2 years (January 2006 - present). But it seems not even the fact she is, rightly or wrongly, under public scrutiny will force her hand. A source told the Mail On Sunday that Kate had no immediate plans to work.

It seems that not everyone in her family is as job-shy. Kate's younger brother James is now "working" for the family business as well. A source told the Mail On Sunday: "Her brother James has dropped out of Edinburgh University to set up a new business venture. He has just launched The Cake Kit company, which is a sister company to Party Pieces, and Kate photographed all the images for that too. There’s a link to it and a plug on the Party Pieces website. The Middletons are very close and they love the idea of having a family business."

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