Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Queen tells Kate Middleton to get a job

The Mail on Sunday have revealed that the Queen is not amused with Kate Middleton's lack of work. According to the tabloid, the British monarch does not want Prince William to marry Kate until she secures fulltime employment. The Mail on Sunday reports that the ageing monarch is said to be very "concerned that a proposal would be both premature and ill-advised."

The Mail on Sunday quotes one royal source as saying: ‘The Queen has had conversations with a few trusted friends about how to tackle what is being called the Kate problem. On the few occasions the Queen has met Kate, she has thought she is a nice enough girl. But the Queen has admitted she has no idea what Kate actually does. Privately she is very concerned about what the repercussions could be if Kate is not in a stable job as and when William is ready to propose. The Queen is very close to her grandson and they, of course, discuss Kate. The Queen is very aware that it’s a serious and long-term relationship. Although they are not yet engaged, it seems more likely than not that Kate will be a Royal bride one day, and the Queen is of the opinion that Kate should be working. She believes in a modern Monarchy and feels very strongly that the Royals should be leading by example. That’s one of the reasons the Queen is so fond of Sophie Wessex. She was a hard-working career girl before she married Edward and she still works hard carrying out lots of charity work, despite raising a young family.’

Sources close to the family confirmed that Kate is yet to secure fulltime work, revealing that she has instead been working for her parents by taking pictures for their online store for Party Pieces. The source said: ‘It’s not what you would call a nine-to-five job. It’s an easy number for Kate and basically something to fill her days while she waits for William. Over the past few months, she has been at home with her family shooting pictures for the Party Pieces website. She has been joking that her days have been filled taking snaps of cupcakes and it’s all a bit surreal. She loves taking pictures, but when she said she wanted a career photographing unusual subjects, we didn’t expect it would mean pictures of toys. Her brother James has dropped out of Edinburgh University to set up a new business venture. He has just launched The Cake Kit company, which is a sister company to Party Pieces, and Kate photographed all the images for that too. There’s a link to it and a plug on the Party Pieces website. The Middletons are very close and they love the idea of having a family business.’

The article then quotes a friend who proceeds to detail William's desire for his girlfriend to work and what it is that Kate does all day long: 'It’s very important to William that Kate is seen to be working. For all the stick he gets, he actually works damn hard. Just before he went away to his friend’s wedding in Kenya – missing Peter Phillips’s Royal wedding two weeks ago – he was doing back-to-back charity work and in desperate need of a holiday. I’ve only seen Kate look that tired when she’s had a late night at Boujis. She spends her days keeping herself looking good. A typical day might begin with a workout, then lunch with a friend and a bit of shopping or a trip to Richard Ward, her favourite hairdresser in Sloane Street.’

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