Friday, 6 June 2008

OMG it's Prince Harry *scream*

That was the scene in Wales as Prince Harry arrived at the University Hospital in Cardiff to meet nurses and staff who have worked as part of the Dolen Cymru (Wales Lesotho Link).

As Harry emerged from his car he was greeted with a throng of admirers, reminiscent of the greeting so often given to his mother Diana, The Princess of Wales. Harry seemed a little amused by the attention and as he met with enthusiastic locals, he even held a 5-month-old baby, Lexi Hailstone. With the baby in his arms Harry joked: "She's going to cry," before showing her off to the waiting media and adding: "It's a girl. It's not mine."

Earlier Prince Harry visited Cathays High School where he met another red-headed young man saying: "I'm ginger - gingers love gingers." Whilst there Harry was given a rock stars welcome with screaming and crying school girls taking pictures of the prince with mobile phones.

Prince Harry then made his first speech whilst attending a conference at the Millennium Stadium for organisations supporting development and change in Lesotho. Harry said: “In 2004 in my own gap year I spent 10 weeks in Lesotho on a variety of projects. It was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life, and it opened my eyes in so many different ways. I don’t need to tell this audience how amazing Lesotho is or how incredible the people are. As you all know, if you’ve ever heard a group of Basotho children sing you simply can’t turn your back on them.”

Cick here to read more and to see pictures.

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