Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Media sniffs out Lazy Kate Middleton story...finally!

Many royal fans have been saying it for a few years now and finally it seems the British media have caught up. Kate Middleton and her lack of employment has been a hot topic for royalists since the onff royal girlfriend graduated from university over 3 years ago. Her flip-flopping from perhaps designing her own children's clothing line to her sometimes work at Jigsaw, Kate Middleton could hardly be called hard working. Yet the media has seemingly turned a blind eye (Kate blinkered more like it) to the facts that have been staring them in the face for a while. So it was with much relief that the subject of "What does Kate actually do all day" was raised by the Mail On Sunday. Now it seems, other media outlets are taking up the cause and asking all the right questions.

The Mirror's straight talking, no nonsense Sue Carroll has agreed with the Queen saying in her column: "I'm with her on this. Her Maj has devoted her life to duty mindful of the fact that, unless her privileged family are seen to serve a useful purpose, the future of the Monarchy would be in jeopardy. It can hardly have escaped her attention that William's girlfriend appears to be fit for little except falling out of nightclubs, enjoying girlie lunches and exerting herself only on a gym treadmill."

Meanwhile, the Evening Standard's ES Magazine Editor, Catherine Ostler also joined the growing chorus of Kate-discontents with her astute observations on the 'Kate problem': "Six tiaras for £2.25, a pink, blue or lilac ballgown for £39.99 and a cardboard Princess stagecoach lunch box (the drink goes where the carriage is, the sandwiches where the footman sat) … These discount Princess wares are available at the Middleton parents’ exhaustive party accessory website, Party Pieces. Could it be that having parents who peddle little girls’ princess fantasies for a living has got to Kate Middleton? She seems to have decided, Disney-fashion, that dressing up prettily and waiting to be a princess is an occupation in itself."

As with Ms Carroll, Ms Ostler agrees with the ageing monarch and takes a dim view on Kate's lack of a sound work ethic saying: "The Queen certainly seems to think it has. Apparently she has let it be known that she thinks Kate should get a full-time job, as the monarchy should be “modern” and set an example. Still industrious and public-spirited at 82, it’s understandable that she is bemused by her grandson’s girlfriend’s Wag lifestyle. A day is said to include a workout in the Clarence House gym and a trip to her favourite Sloane Street hairdresser before hitting Boujis. Fine for an airhead 20-year-old party girl hellbent on spending some vast inheritance, but you might suspect that a 26-year-old history of art graduate could be a little bored by this life as one long holiday." She continued: "Perhaps, like many in her age group, she simply doesn’t know what to do. Nothing seems to have quite worked out so far. Four days a week at Jigsaw’s head office in Kew obviously didn’t appeal; and talk of assisting Mario Testino evaporated (can you see her standing on location somewhere for hours holding a light meter?). If Kate is to shake off this old-fashioned and rather undignified image of a girl with nothing to do but wait for her prince, she must unearth a passion, or at least an interest in something other than helping out her parents with the odd picture for their website. In this sense, Diana was lucky, as she always wanted to work with children and the underprivileged."

With these criticisms have come some very useful advice. Ms Ostler tells Kate to use the degree she gained or perhaps undertake some more university study just as Chelsy Davy has. But the last word must go to Sue Carroll who echoes the thoughts of many royal fans: "Prince Charles is married to a woman who doesn't know the meaning of a proper day's work and never will. Clearly the Queen has no intention of letting history repeat itself with her grandson."

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