Friday, 6 June 2008

Prince William all out to sea for training

Prince William has been dumped at sea and then winched into a hovering helicopter it was revealed. According to This Is Dorset, the prince was undergoing training with about 8 other sailors onboard 40-foot passenger vessel 'Enchantress' in Portland Harbour when he was winched from the sea as part of a training exercise with the Royal Navy.

White Water Boat operator Paul Compton, who supplied the 'Enchantress' told This Is Dorset: "Obviously this was a Royal Navy recruit with a bit of a difference but it went perfectly. He was part of a group of around eight trainees and the helicopter flew over and picked him up, no problem."

The exercise was part of a 3 week initial training course which will see William learn basic boat handling, navigation and sea safety skills. Mr Compton added: "We knew Prince William would be arriving some time this month but we weren't told exactly when for security reasons. Also, this is his first week and he is just a sailor doing his basic training so we didn't want there to be lots of fuss."

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