Sunday, 8 June 2008

Wee Princes William & Harry

The Daily Star has given it's readership a new look at Princes William & Harry. The tabloid caught the princes rummaging about in the bushes, looking for a place to pee. The princes were playing polo at Longdole Polo Club playing in the Dalwhinnie Crook charity tournament, in which their team, Umbogo won.

According to the Daily Star, Wills was spotted entering the bushes for relief. One onlooker told the tabloid: “He must have been gagging for a pee because he was fiddling with his flies before he was even in the bushes. Luckily his back was to the car park but he didn’t make much of an attempt to hide what he was doing.”

Meanwhile Prince Harry must have needed to go more, having stood in the bushes in front of a blonde spectator. A source said: “He hardly seemed to bother with the bushes at all – he just let it all hang out. “Another player came past on a horse and he must have got a great bird’s eye view of exactly what Prince Harry was up to.”

Although a natural occurance for all of us, it seems the princes pee for other reasons. A source said: “It’s become a sort of good luck thing, like knocking on wood. They have to go or they feel like they’re not going to do their best.” Me thinks it's just a male thing.

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