Monday, 2 June 2008

Prince Charles' love letters for sale online

Before Autumn Kelly met Peter Phillips, another royal romanced a Canadian. The affair between Prince Charles and Montreal based Janet Jenkins was a well known 'royal secret' for many years. The couple met while Jenkins was working with the British Consulate in Montreal in 1975 and engaged in a passionate affair for over 20 years. Janet was to Camilla what Camilla was to Diana - a threat to the Wales marriage and a lover/confidante to Charles. Charles and Janet would meet in Britain and Canada and talk on the phone every few months in between.

Whilst Prince Charles married Diana, fell out of love with Diana and then recommenced his relationship with Camilla, he indulged in nights of passion with Janet, the last night occuring in 1992. Before that, according to various sources, Janet and Charles met one night in October 1983 for one of their familiar 'interludes'. Janet, who spoke to the Sunday Mirror, said: "We slipped back into the familiar intimacy that predated the marriage. Neither of us thought of using protection." Allegedly 9 months later (June 13, 1984 according to one online source) Janet gave birth to a son.

What this all tells us is that the relationship was a major part of Prince Charles' life and now the secret is slowly revealing itself. is selling a series of very revealing letters written by Prince Charles to Janet Jenkins in 1976 when he was onboard HMS Bronington. Dated March 23, July 6 and September 12, 1976 the letters reveal a very touching side to the 2nd in line to the British throne. In the letters Prince Charles writes: "it was enjoyable seeing you & marvelous to find you in such good form- though the form might have been a little better!" " I only wish I hadn't had to rush off to catch a train & thereby ruin a gloriously cozy evening". "What a pity you can't see my ship - very different from an aircraft carrier and much less entertaining, and doesn't go to exciting places like Montreal where ladies live behind bushes in order to pounce on unsuspecting navel officers." "I do hope all is well in Montreal - are you ever going to be ready for the Olympics? I do hope there is something for my mama to open in July!" "much love, Charles". " I wish I could come roaring across the Atlantic to make you feel less lonely." "I do hope you will be there because it would be glorious to have a chance of being alone with you for a moment." "I can't wait to see you again hopefully during a good month!!!" "Much love and a big anti lonely "hug". "I have rung you but you were out! I shall try again soon. I was in Iceland sometime ago fishing & rang before I left since there is no telephones out there. " "Much love, as always from Charles".

Costing $7,500.00 each, the 3 letters are all written on official stationary but be quick if you'd like to buy the set. According to's website they're closing down.

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