Friday, 31 October 2008

Queen Sofia of Spain upsets a whole lot of people

She said whaaaaaaat !?!?!?
Picture courtesy of AFP.
Queen Sofia has been quoted during a rare interview for her official biography called 'The Queen, Close Up!'. The book was to be released to commemorate her 70th birthday but has instead caused a huge sensation.

On gay rights, Queen Sofia reportedly said: "I can understand, accept and respect people of a different sexual orientation but why do they feel proud about being gay? But you can't characterize this as marriage. Why do they get on floats and go out protesting? If everyone who wasn't gay did that, we'd have traffic chaos." Queen Sofia also spoke against abortion and euthanasia, as well as comment on the marriages of her children.

Even though a spokesperson for the Spanish Royal family has tried to hose down criticism of the Queen, the books author, journalist Pilar Urbano, stood by it's contents: ‘What the Queen said is what my book says’.

Princes William & Harry learn how to save the world

Supa Prince to the rescue!

Princes William & Harry have taken a leaf out of their fathers book and attended a seminar at Cambridge University's Trinity College on global issues. The Princes heard from speakers on issues such as poverty, security, climate change and the environment.

Captain Harry Hellacious.

A Clarence House spokesperson said: "It also underpins much of the work they are doing for charities. They wanted to hear more about some of the greatest challenges Britain is facing in the 21st Century."

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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Princess Anne unveils memorial to 16,000 dead soldiers

Princess Anne at Westminster Abbey.
Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, has unveiled a plaque in memory of 16,000 British men and women have been killed in conflict zones since 1945.

The service, which was held at Westminster Abbey , was attended by royalty, military chiefs, the families of those currently serving in the British Armed Forces and those who's loved ones have died during armed conflicts.

The name's Windsor..William & Harry Windsor...

Prince William meets Olga Kurylenkoat at the Bond premiere.
Picture courtesy of Belga Pictures.

Princes William & Harry have made a suave appearence at the premiere for the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, in London overnight.

The royal brothers met the cast and crew including actors Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenkoat and Gemma Arterton at the Odeon Theatre in London.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Oriental 'Royal' Express: Camilla & Prince Charles in Japan

You want one to wear this much makeup? What on earth for?
Picture courtesy of Abaca Press.

Prince Charles & the Duchess of Cornwall have kicked off their tour of Japan by visiting the Miraikan Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and the Keio University.

Whilst Charles watched a dancing robot, the locals were obviously giving Camilla a few hints on covering up her face.

Prince William to attend the Prince William Cup...what?

Prince William presents South Africa
wth the Prince William Cup in 2007.
Picture courtesy of the BBC.

Prince William will attend the 2nd Prince William Cup in Cardiff on November 8th. The annual match between Wales and South Africa and celebrates over 100 years of rugby union matches between the two nations.

Last year the mighty Springboks (South Africa) won the inaugural Prince William Cup, 34-12. When Prince William's name was announced there were distinct boos coming from the vocal Welsh crowd. Let's hope he's better received this time.

Princes William & Harry attend Bond premiere

The name's Wills....Wills Windsor!

Princes Wills & Harry will attend the premiere of the new James Bond movie, Quantam of Solace. The Princes will attend as guests of honour, with all proceeds from the night to go to Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion.

00-behave! Is that a gun Harry or
are you just happy to see us?

A spokesperson for Columbia Pictures told The Telegraph: "Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, producers of the latest James Bond film Quantum Of Solace, have announced that Prince William and Prince Harry have graciously agreed to attend the world premiere. At the request of Prince William and Prince Harry, the event will benefit two charities, Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion."

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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Those appalling waxworks Prince Charles & Camilla, tour Japan

Charles & Camilla are clearly thrilled to be in Japan.
Picture courtesy of Getty Images.

Charles & Camilla have jetted to Japan for a 5 day tour. Greeted at the Tokyo International Airport by Charles' Japanese counterpart, Crown Prince Naruhito, the British royal couple looked less than impressed.

Princess Diana in Japan.
Picture courtesy of Getty Images.

Perhaps they were a little jetlagged? Or perhaps Charles is remembering his 1986 tour of Japan with then wife, Diana the Princess of Wales. The late Princess was a sensation and became a huge hit with the Japanese people, who still remember her with great fondness.

Prince Harry attends childrens charity evening

Harry & his new friend, Lily.
Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry has attended the WellChild Children's Heath Awards in London overnight. Harry met sick children and their families, even inviting little Lily Slater, who has a brain tumour, to sit on his lap. The Daily Mail quotes Harry as saying: 'Come and sit on my lap, please, please.'

When the children poked their tongues out at the waiting paparazzi, Harry joked: 'Now you are just showing off.'

Monday, 27 October 2008

Queen Rania supports Unicef

Queen Rania in São Paulo.
Picture courtesy of GPD AP.

Queen Rania wrapped up her visit to Latin America by visiting a school in São Paulo, Brazil. Wearing a tshirt emblazoned with the Unicef emblem, Rania showed her support of the school and children.

Prince Harry wants to pilot Apache helicopters

An Apache helicopter.
Prince Harry will reportedly undergo a stringent selection process with the aim to one day fly an Apache helicopter.

According to reports, Harry has already started the long and involved selection process, having already passed his initial pilot aptitude tests. He will then undertake 13 weeks of training to prove that he has what it takes to fly the advanced attack helicopter. But it won't be easy for Harry, with a course failure rate of over 50%.

An MoD spokeperson said: “There is a long way to go for Prince Harry who has not done any military flying but this is a normal career option for a young officer."

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Zara Phillips injured & horse dies after serious fall

A previous fall.
Picture courtesy of The Daily Mail.

Zara Phillips has suffered a serious fall, breaking her collarbone and losing her most prized horse, Tsunami II whilst competing at the 3 day Les Etoiles de Pau event in Pau near the French Pyrenees.

The Daily Mail quotes one of Zara's friends: ‘The horse hit the fence and broke its neck. Zara fell off and broke her collarbone. She was taken for professional medical treatment at a nearby hospital and is pretty drugged up with painkillers. She is in quite a lot of pain and is very upset about the death of Tsunami, who was one of her favourites.’

Although Tsunami II survived the fall it had broken a vertabrae in it's neck and had to be put down.

The blonde posse who trekked with Prince William

Blonde Posse: Gentleman Wills has been
helping the girls out with their riding skills.
Pictures courtesy of Belga Pictures.

The Daily Star has outed one of 3 sisters who has formed a 'flirty' friendship with Prince William during the Enduro Africa Trek. The British tabloid reports: 'PRINCE William enjoyed flirting with a blonde babe on his charity bike ride. But his friendship with Amanda Johnson looks certain to be left out of a film covering his and Prince Harry’s South African adventure. But there were some moments William and Harry won’t want to be shown, including William’s flirty antics with biker Amanda.'

According to the Daily Star, Miss Johnson is doing the trek along with her 2 sisters, Rebecca & Kirsty, and was the girl who Prince William helped up a hill at the beginning of the adventure. The Daily Star reports: 'She was travelling with her two sisters and asked for the prince’s help to climb a steep bank. But after he’d pushed her to the top, she stalled the bike and ran straight back, knocking William off his feet. Later William and Amanda were spotted getting cosy on a ferry ride across the croc-infested Kei River.'

An onlooker told the Daily Star: “She was very embarrassed and apologised like mad but William smiled, dusted himself down and said he was fine. She was covered in dirt and dust like the rest of us but she’s a really pretty girl. Nobody else got a look in.”

Prince Harry in reckless stunt

Show off! Prince Harry on his bike whilst a mate takes a picture.
Picture courtesy of
Belga Pictures.

Sure to attract some unwanted press attention, Prince Harry has been photographed pulling a reckless stunt on his motorbike during the 2nd last day of the Enduro Trek. The photographs show Harry sitting backwards on his bike, revving and spinning it's tyres and posing for a photograph.

Prince William looks on rather unimpressed.
Picture courtesy of
Belga Pictures.

For his part, William look decidely unimpressed with his brothers antics. Standing with a group of men who appeared to be police protection officers and Shaun Davy, Wills didn't seem to be enjoying the stunt as much as Harry and his mates. He then spotted the paps, looking even less impressed.

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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Questions raised about Sentebale's finances

Just who is it helping?
Logo courtesy of Sentbale.

The Daily Mail has run a story questioning Sentebale's operations. With an intial title that makes the reader assume that Princes William & Harry are taking readers/donors for a "royal ride", writer Sue Reid then launches into an often scathing review of the charity Sentebale and the two Princes' involvement in the Enduro Trek.

What started off as a critical look at Princes William and Harry nightlife pursuits ends up being an attack on those who are now in charge of the charity. Ms Reid spends the first part of her article highlighting the cost of the regular nights out at Boujis and the like for Wills and Harry, the posh friends who are also on the trek, Clarence House's efforts to clean up both Princes public images (we're not sure what there is to clean up though) and then scoffs at Harry's genuine desire to help others through Sentebale.

The article as it appears in the Daily Mail.

She then launches an attack on the administration of Sentebale, accusing them of squandering money on themselves (cars etc) and holding back vital funds required to help those who need it most. Ms Reid quotes one charity worker who claims not to have received 'promised' help from the charity. Lydia Muso from the LCCU told Ms Reid: "Sentebale gave us money to help build the safe house a few years ago. We were grateful for that, but ever since we have had problems with his charity."

In response to this particular claim, Sentebale's spokesperson at Clarence House, Miguel Head said: "We are awaiting reassurances from the LCCU on their work plans before committing the funds." Such assurances are routinely sort by many NGO's around the world.

Even though Ms Reid herself points out, that Sentebale takes the view that 'money is committed only when assurances regarding accountability and transparency are received' she still maintains that the charity has failed these people. Fair enough if it is true. But the manner in which Ms Reid went about constructing her article leaves a lot to be desired don't you think?

Click here to read more.

Queen Elizabeth II shows off her new style in Slovakia

Queen of style.
Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Whilst her contempories are sitting in their rocking chairs and banging on their tambourines, Her Majesty is out and about showing off the latest fashion trends.

Looking decidely up-to-date, the 82-year-old monarch donned a fashionable pair of knee length black leather boots when launching a game of ice hockey during her trip to Slovakia.

Sympathy wanes for Japanese Crown Princess

Crown Princess Masako of Japan: Depressed?
Japan is buzzing with rumours that Crown Princess Masako is not pulling her weight. After withdrawing from the public eye in 2003 due to depression and anxiety, it seems the Princess has raised a few eyebrows with her behaviour.

Seen often dining at restaurants and attending school events with her daughter Princess Aiko, Masako's actions have caused many within the Palace walls to ask what exactly is wrong with her. It seems to them the princess has no interest in royal duties and would prefer a less public life.

An article in 'Will' magazine by right-wing academic and ardent royalist Professor Nishio, urged the Crown Prince & Princess to divorce: 'The members of the Imperial Family are the passengers of the ship named the Imperial System, but not its owners. If one individual gets seasick and cannot stay on board, then there is no alternative but to disembark.'

Will magazines editor, Tomoko Seo said: “Nishio has started a debate that people with common sense want to participate in. People are frustrated and angry with Masako for making many private outings, although she cannot carry out official duties.”

School girls ditch lessons to meet Princes William & Harry

Morgan Bay Hotel where Wills & Harry have been staying.
Picture courtesy of
Morgan Bay Hotel.

Three teenage school girsl have ditched school and convinced their mothers to take them 2 hours away to meet Princes William & Harry.

According to the Dispatch Daily Online, the girls Sheara Murphy, 15, Chandré Murphy, 16, and Aliyah Rachel Rainer, 15, missed a school awards presentation in order to try and meet Wills and Harry. Sheara told the Dispatch Daily: “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience". Her sister Chandre chimed in: “We really didn’t think we’d meet them. We just thought we’d see them (from a distance).”

Sheara Murphy & Prince William.
Picture courtesy of
The Dispatch Daily Online.

It seems that their determination paid off when one of them spotted Harry walking down a set of stairs. The girls decided to follow him and then found themselves in the Morgan Bay Hotel games room where Harry and other trekkers were playing darts. They joined in with Sheara saying: “Here’s the prince ... right next to me, and I must play darts.”

They were then invited to meet William by his staff members. Romy Murphy, Chandre and Sheara's mother said: “He’s gracious and kind and makes everyone feel so at ease – a perfect gentleman.”

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Inspirational Queen Rania of Jordan shortlisted

Queen Rania of Jordan: Class & intelligence.

Queen Rania of Jordan has been shortlisted as one of the world's most inspirational leaders by CNN in their "Spirit of Leadership" programme.

The Jordan Times states: 'Noted for her philanthropic work in promoting educational opportunities for children in Jordan and throughout the world, Queen Rania earlier this year launched the Madrasati (My School) initiative to overhaul at least 500 of the country’s most dilapidated public schools.'

Those wishing to vote for Queen Rania can do so at .

Prince Harry loses his cool at photographers

Harry's not a happy chappy.
Picture courtesy ofThe Sun .

Prince Harry has reportedly snapped at photographers during his day off whilst taking part in the Enduro Africa Trek. David MacGregor from the Daily Dispatch Online has reported that Harry became very upset with the photographers whilst helping out at a local creche.

Mr MacGregor wrote: 'With Prince Harry becoming visibly agitated with a small group of photographers staking out the creche, the princes’ bodyguards politely asked the media to back off. Promised another chance later, the media obliged.'

It seems Harry was out of sorts after telling another rider to do more. Mr MacGregor wrote: 'Urging another biker to put his back into the job, Prince Harry was overheard telling him to help carry two poles – “one in each hand” – instead of one.'

Perhaps Harry was just having a bad day but he reportedly lashed out at photographers again: 'On their way to a proper hiding by the township soccer wizards, Prince Harry snapped when he spotted photos being taken from the sideline. Angrily stomping over with a bodyguard, Prince Harry swore at the photographer and told him to leave.'

Someone should tell Harry that you catch more bees with honey...hang on..don't bees make honey?

Charles & Camilla: Childish old twits?

'Jovial' tin: eh...
Picture courtesy of The Sun.

It was Christmas time 1977 and Charles and Camilla were obviously bored. So bored that they graffitied all over a chocolate box with crude jokes and the like. Perhaps there were bored because Camilla was heavily pregnant with daughter Laura at the time.

The pair drew such things as a pile of manure and writing "two old poofs" in reference to the 2 gentlemen pictured on the tin.

In 1 scribble, Camilla has signed her name 'Camilla Parker Bowles' from which a line is drawn to the words 'Silly old horse'. Very apt don't you think?

Africa Trek: Wills & Harry play footy and give a helping hand

Dejected & perhaps still a little ill.

Picture courtesy of The Sun.

Princes William & Harry have been beaten in a game of football. During a rest day, the royal pair joined locals in Igxarho and lost 6-2.

Still looking a bit ill, both princes were outclassed by the local team and Wills even managed to take a few tumbles. One source told Duncan Larcombe from The Sun: “William looked very clumsy out there. Every time the ball came near him he either fell over or appeared frightened. Harry came on towards the end but things didn’t really improve much. I don’t think any of the village side realised they were playing a game against the president of the FA. If they had known perhaps the score-line would have been even more embarrassing.”

No helmet: Wills & other riders on a dirt road.
Picture courtesy of The Daily Star.

Before the game, Wills and Harry helped to paint a community building with other riders as well as provided a creche with essentials. Jenni Marsh from South Africa's The Herald Online wrote: 'On their rest day in Morgan‘s Bay the riders all embarked on a Touch Africa initiative during which they rehabilitated a dilapidated creche, building a jungle gym and stocking the Inchara Creche with blankets, mattresses and educational aids.'

After the game, they jumped on their bikes and sped off without helmets. Rebecca English from The Daily Mail told her readers that both princes were riding on a public road, perhaps trying to give the princes a bit of the negativity Middleton received recently for her law breaking "phone drive". But Duncan Larcombe revealed that the boys were riding on a dirt road (see picture above for proof of this).

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Russell Brand & Princess Eugenie?

Princess Eugenie & Russell Brand.

In the news quite a bit recently for her many nights out, Princess Eugenie has now become a romantic target for British comedian Russell Brand.

Russ wants to become a member of the British Royal Family and think that he and Eugenie can have a 'beautiful romance'. He told Chris Moyles from Radio 1: "It would be fun wouldn’t it to be a little bit Royal? I think I’d fit right in there, they’re a lovely bunch. If they give me Eugenie… I can legitimately have a title."

Carla Sarkozy: The new Princess Diana?

So not Diana...

Former model, singer and now French first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy wants to be just like Princess Diana and start her own charitable foundation.

According to the Daily Mail's Ephraim Hardcastle, the Carla Foundation will be financed by the proceeds of Mrs Sarkozy's 3rd album. Sarkozy was quoted as saying that the new charity foundation will allow her to "commit herself to causes without involving the President".

The Queen was not amused...

"Neerneer..I'm sitting next to her".
Picture courtesy of The Sun.

Her Majesty the Queen was clearly not amused during her visit to Slovakia. The Queen and Prince Philip were visting a British International school in Ljubljana, when Headmaster Jeremy Hibbins found himself sitting next to the 82-year-old monarch. Unexpectedly, he poked his tongue out in jest to students who were singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Click here to read more about the visit to Slovakia.

Africa Trek: Wills & Harry get a tummy bug

An example of the loo Wills & Harry may be using.

Princes William & Harry have caught a stomach bug whilst trekking through eastern Africa. The princes are reportedly so sickly and are looking rather pallor, that at times they have to stop to answer the call of nature.

Duncie Larcombe from The Sun writes: 'They could not complete a full day’s ride on Monday and took the quickest route to the next checkpoint. The Princes risked being caught short as their motorcycle leathers and protective clothing are tricky to remove in a hurry.'

Fellow riders have also caught the bug, with one telling Mr Larcombe: “This is a nightmare for any rider. Not only do they have to cope with a very bumpy ride — but the outfits take a lot of effort to remove. They couldn’t risk having an accident and have had to take it very easy indeed.”

The moral of this rather sad and diarrheatic royal story is: Never drink the water!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal vows to age gracefully

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece.
Picture courtesy of

CP Marie-Chantal of Greece has vowed to never get botox and promised that she wants to age naturally. The 40-year-old told The Telegraph that she doesn't like the effect botox has on a persons face.

The Telegraph quotes Marie-Chantal: "I would rather age gracefully than look like a monster at 60."

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit suffers concussion

Crown Princess Mette-Marit.
Picture courtesy of Kongehuset.

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit has suffered a mild concussion after falling, reports The Norway post. According to the article, the Princess was ordered by doctors to bed for 2 days and has subsequently cancelled her engagements.

The Princess' spokeswoman said: "The doctors told her to take it easy for a couple days. That means no program today and tomorrow. We will see about Wednesday. It is nothing serious."

William & Harry's Africa Trek: First picture..

Wills & Harry: Enjoy a drink with other riders.
Picture courtesy of The Daily Star.

Princes William & Harry have been pictured relaxing after a hard days trekking.

The photograph which appears in The Daily Star shows Thomas Inskip, Prince Harry, Prince William, 3 unnamed chaps and Shaun Davy enjoying a drink. Wills and Harry are both wearing tshirts and board shorts but Harry surprisingly is drinking only water whilst everyone else appears to be drinking alcohol.

Click here to see the full picture and read more.

Princes William & Harry get 'savaged' by British media

Daily Star: Wills & Harry get savaged
for wasting taxpayers money.

You could be mistaken for thinking they were on a luxury holiday, such was the vitriolic attack on Princes William & Harry in Tuesday's Daily Star.

Aptly named writer Tom Savage runs with the growing frustration of ordinary folk over the current financial crisis and makes it into a "Us vs The Royals" battle. His article appropriately quotes anti-royalist Graham Smith said: “I’d question why taxpayers would have to pay anything to have to fund the trip. You’d think for the amounts they are raising for charity that they could have just donated the cash themselves.”

Forgetting that charity is not just about raising money but also about raising awareness, Misters Smith and Savage seemed to have missed the vital message currently being pushed by such major health organisations as WHO and UNICEF. Both organisations focus not only on health care but also on awareness of health issues such as AIDS. And it's AIDS awareness that both William and Harry earmarked as one of the most important reasons for undertaking the Enduro Africa Trek in the first place.

Seemingly pandering to the those who constantly criticise the Royal Family, Mr Savage then promotes a phone poll for readers to voice their opinion through. The phone poll asks: Are the royals a waste of money? We wonder who earns the 25p it takes to vote in the poll?

Click here to read more.

Africa Trek Update....

The trek menu: Horse & Springbok.

Princes William & Harry have reportedly ended yesterdays enduro leg in the coastal area of Transkei, south of Port Edward. Located south-east of Lesotho, Transkei must seem like a familar place to Prince Harry, who is a frequent visitor to the area.

According to The Sun's Duncie Larcombe, once the boys arrived at their hotel by the sea they both had a relaxing time. Mr Larcombe writes: 'Wills, 26, sloped off for a shower while Harry, 24, had a smoke and a swim. They then feasted on horse and springbok.'

Map of Transkei.

Click here read more.

Prince William to the rescue of a biker damsel in distress

What the rescue may have looked like: " bikini is stuck."
Prince William to the rescue!

It was by all acounts a superb and gentlemanly effort on Prince William's behalf when a fellow rider found themselves in a spot of bother during the Africa Trek yesterday. According to The Sun's 'royal insider' Duncie Larcombe, Wills spotted a female rider who was having trouble climbing an incline on her Honda trailbike and helped her.

Mr Larcombe writes: "She was struggling and started to fall behind as Wills, brother Harry and their team battled up a steep gorge. Gallant Wills stopped to help — riding her heavy trail bike to the peak for her before traipsing back for his own."

Wills is officially the Royal Truth's 'Hero 4 A Day' winner. Truly an officer and a gentleman.

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Monday, 20 October 2008

Pink angry at the British Royal Family

Pink's p***ed off and HM is 'incommunicado'.

Rock singer Pink is angry that after taking the time to write to them, she has not received a reply from the British Royal Family. According to the Daily Star, Pink wrote to HM and family over 2 years ago to demand "why synthetic material couldn’t be used to replace Royal Guards’ bearskins".

Pink said: “It’s a bit rude that they didn’t reply, isn’t it? I don’t get why we can’t question people just because of their position in society. I don’t care if they have a crown. One or two Canadian bears are killed to make each hat and that is totally unnecessary.”

The Daily Star quotes a Brigade of Guards spokesman: “We would be willing to wear fake fur if a suitable alternative could be found. But we haven’t been supplied with anything that stands up to the wear, durability and practicality of real fur.”

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Paris Hilton & Prince William: A match made in tabloid heaven?

Paris Windsor says hello to her new subjects.

Yet another chapter in the tabloid saga that is 'When Paris met Prince William'. According to a new report by the 3am girls in the Sunday Mirror (remember them? The 3am girls were the same people who partied along with Wills & Harry at Whisky Mist last week), Paris Hilton has texted Wills to thank him for a great evening and invited him to the opening of her new venture in Las Vegas.

A source told the 3am girls: "Paris and Wills really hit it off in the club. William gave her his Blackberry number and email address after Paris thrust him hers.She then sent him a cheeky text the following day, basically saying ‘thanks for a super-fun evening’. Some of William’s mates saw it and have been taking the mick ever since.The royal set find the whole thing totally hilarious and have been encouraging him to go to Vegas for the opening of Paris’ latest venture. Although flattered by her attentions, William doesn’t think he can justify the jaunt - and has politely turned her down. But he’s definitely up for a few drinks the next time Paris is in town.”

Can you hear the wedding bells ringing?

Special treatment for Prince Harry?

Prince Harry during a tandem skydive.

The Sunday Express columnist Adam Helliker is reporting that Prince Harry is set to receive special treatment when he joins the Parachute Regiment for a day next month. Mr Helliker tells his readers that Harry has asked for permission for Chelsy Davy to watch as he jumps with the 'Red Devils' next month.

A source told Mr Helliker: “Chelsy was there when he did a tandem jump before, while they were on holiday in South Africa, and she found it so thrilling she’s asked to watch him this time.”

Click here to read more.

Princes William & Harry under armed guard during trek

Armed guard looks on as William rides by.
Picture courtesy of The Daily Star Sunday.

Pictorial proof that Princes William & Harry are being guarded by heavily armed security whilst in Africa for the Enduro Trek. Some reports have the security costs as much as £50,000. All of which will be funded by British taxpayers. But what price would you put on the safety of the future King and his spare?

Queen Elizabeth II enjoys an Autumn ride

HM the Queen: Her first ride since the
death of her beloved 'Monarch'.
Picture courtesy of the Sunday Express.

Her Majesty the Queen has been pictured on her first ride since the death of her beloved horse 'Monarch'. The 82-year-old was said to be devastated when her loyal steed of 19-years died last week. The Queen (pictured above) was spotted out and about enjoying the last hurrah of Autumn in Windsor Great Park on a black 'Dales" pony.

Wills & Kate wedding? Don't hold your breath says Dicki

Dicki Arbiter: Former Press Secretary to the Queen.
Picture courtesy of

Dicki Arbiter has warned against waiting for a royal wedding in the near future.

The former Press Secretary to the Queen and current Royal Commentator about town says that people shouldn't hold their breath when it comes to either Princes William or Harry marrying in the next few years.

Speaking on Australia's Weekend Sunrise program, Mr Arbiter said that Wills has now committed to his career and Harry has "lot's to do" before any wedding can take place. Whilst he agreed that Chelsy Davy has been received very well within royal circles he couldn't see Harry marrying in the near future. He also said that Prince William will not marry anytime soon in his opinion because he was very adamant during a spur of the moment interview in Klosters in 2005 that he wouldn't be ready until he was at least 28 or even 30 years old. He also said the fact that William has decided to have a long stint within the RAF was proof he was not planning to marry sooner rather than later.

Another royal commentator said that after the sham of Diana and Charles' marriage, Wills could not afford to marry the wrong woman and that he thought William would do his best not to "get it wrong".

Mr Arbiter said that both Princes were well aware of the spotlight cast upon their mother before and after she married the Prince of Wales and that neither would want the same thing to happen to their respective fiancées and wives.

As to the question of how the British public saw a royal wedding in the near future, Mr Arbiter said that not many ordinary folk were that concerned with the prospects of a Wills/Kate wedding. He said that other issues, such as the current financial crisis mattered more. Mr Arbiter was adamant that whilst many would happily watch and join in the festivities of any royal wedding, most were more concerned with their own issues and that this was reflected with the UK's media now focussing less and less on a marriage between William and Kate Middleton.

Crown Princess Victoria visits India

CP Victoria receives a warm Indian welcome.
Picture courtesy of Hello!

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has received a warm welcome in India. The heir to the Swedish throne visited a New Delhi health centre and plans to meet some of India's Bollywood stars during her 10 day tour.

Prince William officially backs 2018 World Cup bid

Wills shows off his footy skills.

Prince William has offered his full support to the Football Association's 2018 World Cup Final bid.

The Prince said: “It is with great pride that, as President of The Football Association, I offer my wholehearted support for our bid to host the World Cup Finals in 2018. Given the quality of the bid team that has been assembled, the superb facilities that we have in this country and, above all, the extraordinary passion that the English have for our national game, I am wholly confident that we will submit a truly world class bid to FIFA.”

The bid is being backed by other very high profile England supporters such as David Beckham and former football great, John Barnes.

FA Chairman Lord Triesman said: “We are delighted Prince William has offered his full support to the Bid. As President of The Football Association, he is a tremendous Ambassador for the English game and his official duties around the world will provide a natural extension to the direct work of the Bid team. We are extremely honoured that he is fully behind the aim to bring the tournament back to England.”

Prince Harry's life threatened by Al-Qaida

Prince Harry: Could a threat be real?

Prince Harry has reportedly been threatened by Al-Qaida fanatics. According to The Daily Star's Clive Goodman, Al-Qaida fanatics have threatened the lives of veterans who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Harry, who had a 10 week stint in Afghanistan is said to be a prime target for fanatics who have vowed to behead the spare to the throne live on the internet.

A royal source told Goodman: "It ís a fact of his life now that there will always be a fanatic somewhere working out if he can kill him. Code Black is normally used when an attacker is right there in front of a member of the Royal Family but for Prince Harry itís all day, every day now."

Mr Goodman reports that the threat is considered so real that Harry will be surrounded by secret MI6 agents during his appearence at the premiere of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Princess Beatrice bunnies around

Clutching at straws: Bea poses for a pic.
Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail has been snooping around Facebook again and this time they've found some funny and interesting pics of Princess Beatrice.

Holidaying in Thailand during her Gap Year, Bea is seen posing for pics after gathering some straws and making glasses and bunny ears. The pictures also show her goofing around with her pals and enjoying herself.

Click here to read more.
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