Sunday, 14 December 2008

Kate Middleton's brother caught doing bizarre things with a dead squirrel

James Middleton and the dead squirrel
Pictures courtesy of
The Chocolate Princess

With Kate Middleton being criticised for taking part in cruel blood sports, it seems that it must run in the family with her younger brother now coming under increased scrutiny for his involvement in social shoots.

In what can only be described as bizarre, a series of pictures have emerged of James Middleton in strange poses with friends and dead animals. The most unusal are the pictures of the youngest Middleton and friends playing with a dead squirrel, going so far as to pose with it in several photographs.

James, his friends and the squirrel.

James and a dead bird.

In other pictures, James readily poses with dead birds obviously slaughtered in social hunts. Even stranger still are the various pictures of Middleton and his friends in highly sexual poses, often dressed in women's clothing or very intoxicated. All photographs are readily available on various internet sites.

An example of one of the many strange pictures of James Middleton.


hippie_cyndi said...

shit....this family is just weird....trashier than trailer trash.

Unknown said...

nothing strange about that, didn't any of you guys go to university?

so come of your high horse will you - they are normal people too, who get up to the same drunken "fun" shenanigans.

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