Sunday, 14 December 2008

Kate Middleton fluffs her fulltime non-job to shop

Kate out hunting a bargain?
Picture courtesy of The Sunday Telegraph (UK).

Kate Middleton has been trying to push her new found enthusiam for working by dribbling bits and pieces to the media about her enormously important role at Party Pieces.

Said to be working so hard that she has no time to herself, starting early in the morning and finishing late at night, Kate's sudden industriousness we were told was her way of proving her critics wrong. Well it all seems to have been in vain for Miss Middleton has reverted back to her old ways and hobbies, one of which is shopping.

Katie Nichol from the Mail On Sunday has reported that Kate has been frequenting a West London shop called TK Maxx. Miss Nichol writes: 'The 26-year-old is a huge fan of the bargain-basement outlet TK Maxx in Kensington High Street, West London, where she pops in at least once a week.'

Miss Nichol also quotes one of Kate's pals: "Kate loves a spot of cut-price shopping. She's in TK Maxx all the time having a root through the knock-down designer rails."

Adding the time it takes to travel into London from her parents Berkshire home, we wonder just how much and how long Kate frequents "work".

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