Wednesday, 21 January 2009

January 2009 so far...the condensed version.

Prince William has shaved off his beard, but still hasn't managed to ditch Kate.
Picture courtesy of The Sun.

Many appologies for our recent hiatus. Here's a quick recap and run down of links to what has been quite an eventful January for the royals so far. Normal blogging service will now resume.

1st January 2009
Prince William and his "klingon" Kate Middleton go to Scotland for the New Year.

6th January 2009
Prince William sans beard and Kate are photographed together for the first time this year - at Heathrow airport returning from Scotland

January 6th 2009
The Queen hands out 9 bravery awards.

8th January 2009
Zara Phillips' boyfriend Mike Tindall is banned from driving for 3 years after being caught drink driving.

8th January
Princess Beatrice's BMW is stolen after it is left unlocked with the keys in the ignition whilst Beatrice went shopping.

8th January 2009
Princes William and Harry become patrons of their late friends charity; The Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund.

8th January 2009
Prince Harry is photographed outside London's Troubadour Club with his cousin Lady Eliza Spencer who photo agencies confuse for his girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

9th January 2009
Prince Edward is cleared of animal cruelty by the RSPCA after photographs appeared to show him hitting 2 gundogs with a stick.

9th January 2009
It emerges that The Duchess of York's sister has been impersonated on social networking site MySpace.

10th January 2009
A video of Prince Harry taken 3 years ago is sold to the News Of The World by a former friend where Harry allegedly calls a colleague "paki" - the media delights in calling Harry racist and tries to spark a royal "racism row".

13th January
Prince Charles is now accused of racism by the British media after it emerges he calls an Indian polo player friend "Sooty".

15th January 2009
The wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Cherie, describes Prince Philip as the real "First Lady of Britain".

18th January 2009
It is speculated that Kate-couldn't-work-in-an-iron-lung-Middleton is to take a sabbatical from her non-job at Party Pieces to work in New York's fashion world.

18th January
Camp Middleton leaks details of Prince William's present to Kate to the press; a sniper sight gun.

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