Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Prince William reportedly invites Kate Middleton to Sandringham

Howdy-ho-ho! Kate could bring the turkey!

Prince William has reportedly asked his granny's permission to shack up with Kate Middleton during the Christmas break. According to the Daily Star's much maligned Clive Goodman, HM is pleased with the pair sharing a "lovenest" during the festive season.

MrGoodman writes: 'Prince William has asked the Queen’s permission to spend Christmas in a lovenest with Kate Middleton. Wills, 26, wants to use a remote shooting lodge on his gran’s Sandringham estate to celebrate the festive season with his own Christmas cracker. Normally Kate, also 26, spends the holiday with her parents at a rented stately home in Perthshire. But William wants to relax with her before starting a year of intensive training as an RAF helicopter pilot.'

A friend of the couple tells Mr Goodman: “This could be his last Christmas with Kate for some time. His training and rescue duties are going to take him away from home so he would like to make this Christmas special for her. They could still share Christmas Day with his father and the rest of the family at the main house but return to their own world in the evening.” Aw...Bless them.

After making the Kate apologists all misty eyed, Mr Goodman then puts the boot into Middleton and her family: 'The Queen is thought to be perfectly happy about the arrangement. But some courtiers have raised their eyebrows. They feel there should be no special treatment of Kate unless she and William formalise their relationship with an engagement. One confided: “If you make an exception for one, why not for everyone? Frankly, many people feel that Miss Middleton and her family are quite pushy enough.”' Indeed!

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