Friday, 12 December 2008

Kate Middleton watches another waiting "princess"

Kate Middleton takes notes on how to wait from Sleeping Beauty.
Sleeping Beauty picture courtesy of The English National Ballet

With families around the world tightening their belts and being unable to take part in their normal evenings of entertainment, it seems that Kate Middleton is indulging as usual.

According to the Day & Night column in the Daily Express, Kate was seen watching the England National Ballet's "Sleeping Beauty" at the Coliseum in Covent Garden.

The ballet, which has a rather short run of a week and a half, tells the tale of beautiful Princess Aurora who was the victim of an evil spell cast upon her by a nasty fairy. Eventhough the Princess was saved by a good fairy, she was doomed to sleep for 100 years...WAITING...until her handsome prince came along, kissed her and then became her husband. Perhaps Kate was taking notes?

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Kaz said...

Hi. Poor Kate, she can do nothing right, first time out for ages, lovely to see her & looking very Beautiful. Cheers from Australia Kate.

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