Sunday, 7 December 2008

Carole Middleton blabs to the press

Pictured: ‘Vulnerable’ Carole Middleton happily poses for photographers with Kate.
Image courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.

After years of ‘sources’ and ‘friends’ being the Middleton’s unofficial mouthpiece to the British press, Kate Middleton’s mother Carole has now spoken directly to the press by allowing herself to be quoted in the Mandrake column in the Daily Telegraph.

Whilst attending the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury, no doubt invited due to her being Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton used the opportunity to inform the press she feels “vulnerable” from all the attention Katy Waity’s relationship with Prince William has brought. A tad rich coming from a woman who trotted along to Prince William’s passing out parade at Sandringham looking more royal than royalty. Indeed, it seems that Carole or Mrs Meddleton now wants to play the victim:

"You see, I feel very vulnerable about everything," she told Mandrake last weekend at the Hennessy Gold Cup, at Newbury racecourse, just a few miles from her house in Berkshire. "I'm not a celebrity and don't want to be one. Celebrities have minders and PR people. I don't want a PR person and wouldn't want to have to pay to employ one. I haven't asked for all this."

Carole also used the opportunity to dispell the infamous chewing gum rumour when she supposedly met the Queen. The fact Carole decided to let slip this little detail about the Queen has left many royal watchers questioning if William and Kate are still together.
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