Sunday, 2 November 2008

will she or wont she be there?

Okay, so now it's definitely not quiet on the Middleton front after some much welcomed silence of late.

It's funny how the silence it always broken by the Kate side of things. According to Katie Nicholls of the Daily Mail, she has been assured apparently that Kate will be at Prince Charles's Highgrove birthday party, and that there was a "Wobble" in her relationship with William and everything is okay now.

A "Wobble" someone pointed out to me that it was an odd expression to use? Could it be another way of saying that the relationship in on an off phase? Or was in an off phase? Or is there more to come?

Ohhh the drama! Stay tuned for more of the Will and Kate Years on the Royal Truth Blog and Forum.

Here is the link to the Katie Nicholls Daily Mail article.

The Daily Mail

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