Saturday, 8 November 2008

RAF was mislead over William's flights earlier on this year.

The Telegraph from the UK reveals that the RAF was apparently mislead over the Chinook incidents earlier on this year. Where as we know Prince William flew those helicopters on a couple of joy rides, to his onff girlfriend Kate Middleton, and then flew himself and his brother to his cousins stag party on the Isle of Wight.

RAF mislead over William's flights.

The document reveals that:

* William's five trips cost the taxpayer £86,434.
* William did not tell
Chinook crew or his station commander the true nature of the social events.
* The officers responsible for William's care were "counselled" over "errors
in judgement".
* Senior officers were reminded of their "supervisory
* All training flights planned by William were regarded as
"contentious" by RAF.

The Telegraph also has another article on the whole incident which the Telegraph stats is just another one of the controversies the Royals find themselves in when it comes to flying.

Another article on it.

To discuss this visit The Royal Truth.

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