Sunday, 2 November 2008

Kate Middleton has been promoted at Party Pieces

Kate is now "cyber-chief" at Party Pieces.

Although there has been no news on the police investigation into Kate being photgraphed breaking the law by driving whilst talking on her mobile phone, there has been news from the Middleton camp on Kate's glowing career working for her parents company Party Pieces. An un named source revealed to Adam Heliker writing in his column for the Sunday Express, that after completing not one but two, short courses in computing Kate has now been promoted from compiling and editing catalogues to the dizzying heights of "website design editor and new business manager". It seems it didn't take much for Kate to impress her bosses who also happen to be her parents.

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Anonymous said...

of course kate is not a good choice for a queen. what kind of role model is she? the only thing she is fit for is to look pretty and vapid- which is all she can teach young girls. Bring back Chelsy!!! Out of all four of them she was the best person.

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