Saturday, 1 November 2008

Prince Harry the Gurkha?

Prince Harry & his Gurkha mates.
Picture courtesy of The Sun

Prince Harry has been unofficially honoured by being given a special combat knife called a Kukri. The Gurkhas also bestowed upon Harry, the title of Honorary Gurkha.

Captain Surya Gurung told The Sun: “We don’t normally give it as a present to people. Those who we give it to, it’s because they have earned it themselves. They gave it to the Prince because of his support, friendship and work with us. For us it’s not necessarily because he is a Prince, it was because he was so liked by the soldiers. He contributed to the camp and raised the morale of the boys. He should consider himself hereafter a Gurkha. I see him as a Gurkha officer because he was there in that particular time of operations in the front line - that really mattered.”

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