Tuesday, 28 April 2009

James Middleton’s drunken public display

Pictured: the front cover of Woman’s Day reports on Kate Middleton’s “family shame”.
Picture courtesy of Woman’s Day.

Australian women’s magazine Woman’s Day has published yet more embarrassing photographs of Kate Middleton and her family, taken on a family outing to an exclusive members only club in London last week, to celebrate James’ 22nd birthday. The photos showcase beautifully how incredibly unsuitable the Middleton’s are as royal-in-laws, with Kate’s brother James being bundled into a taxi just 90 minutes after arriving due to how intoxicated he was and Carole going berserk at the awaiting paparazzi as they took snaps of the dysfunctional family of royal wannabes. Indeed, according to one onlooker speaking to Woman’s Day, James was “legless”. Kate on seeing the photographers tried to keep her distance from her family, however she was said to have been pretty drunk as well. Now I’m sure the idea of a twenty-two year old getting drunk on their birthday is hardly shocking, but when you consider that if Kate has her way she could one day be Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, this is hardly the behaviour befitting of the family of a Queen.

Perhaps, most curiously no UK publications have published details or photos of the incident, prompting some royal watchers to speculate that Kate has an agreement with the press that they do not print stories on her or her family.

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